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Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I suppose I should start thinking about what I’m going to get for R. I’m sure it won’t be difficult, as he’s pretty easy to shop for, but I always try to think of thoughtful, personal gifts for the holidays (of course, he always wants practical stuff, like camping gear).

Last year, we decided not to get each other Valentines Day gifts, but we both ended up buying something anyway. He bought me some Valentine’s Day flowers and a rock-climbing harness. (Okay, not the most romantic gift, but like I said, he’s practical.)

I got him a silver ring with a cool Celtic design on it. Unfortunately, I ordered it online and had no idea what size to get, and it ended up being huge. But he swears he likes it, and he wears it on his thumb when we go out.

This year, we’ve talked a little about, rather than buying each other gifts, to go in together on a special purchase for our new apartment — maybe a piece of artwork to go above our huge mantle. I think it’s a great idea and would be a fun way to build memories together. Every year, we could buy something nice for our home, and every piece of art or decorative item would mark another Valentine’s Day that we’ve spent together.

I’m sure we’ll still end up buying small gifts for each other, though. I don’t need anything fancy, though; I’d be happy with simply some more Valentines Day flowers. He loves plants and gardening, and he’s already talking about growing tomato plants on our balcony when the weather warms up. Maybe I’ll check out the 1800flowers Web site and what kind of cool plants they have.