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Mother’s Day and Birthday Plans

gardenia1R’s mother’s birthday was last month, and he forgot all about it. It’s not that he’s not thoughtful, he’s just forgetful. I am normally in charge of the social calendar and important events, but since we’ve only been dating little over a year, I wasn’t aware of the date. Anyway, he felt really bad about it, and intends to make it up to her on Mothers day. But it’s this weekend, and I don’t know if he’s gotten her a gift yet. Since his dad’s birthday is Friday, we are going to have them over to our place on Sunday for a dual birthday/Mothers day dinner.

As far as gifts go, I’m not really sure what she would like. His dad doesn’t like to make a big deal out of his birthday and every year he just says he wants a steak, so we are going to grill. I’m sure his mom would appreciate some nice Mothers day flowers. It’s not too late to order something from 1800flowers. She likes to garden, and they just built some new planters for the patio, so some potted flowers that she could replant would be perfect.